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Press Release

June 13, 2019

Paradies Lagardère and Edmonton International Airport Join Forces to Fight Hunger

ATLANTA – Paradies Lagardère and Edmonton International Airport (EIA) are excited to announce a new initiative designed to help fight hunger in the city. Beginning June 17, travelers, as well as airline and airport employees, will have the opportunity to purchase and donate convenience foods, healthy snacks, HABA, beverages, and other items the customer may want to purchase for donation, which will then be distributed to the Leduc & District Food Bank.

“Paradies Lagardère is excited to launch this partnership with Leduc & District Food Bank at the Edmonton International Airport,” said Gregg Paradies, president and CEO, Paradies Lagardère. “We believe that our community is not only coast to coast, but global as well. We’re always looking for new opportunities to make a positive and impactful difference in the lives of our employees, business partners and customers.”

“A partnership with Paradies Lagardère is an amazing opportunity for our foodbank that can only benefit the community as a whole. We are quite excited to start this collaboration and look forward to working closely with Paradies Lagardère in ‘thinking outside the box’ in creating unique ways of working together,” said Gert Raynar, executive director, Leduc & District Food Bank Association.

“EIA prides itself in supporting our local communities and organizations, including the Leduc & District Food Bank. Airport City supports thousands of employees, many of whom live in Leduc and the surrounding communities. With the challenging Alberta economy in recent years, the need to support our communities in new and innovative ways is more vital than ever. EIA is pleased to be part of this great initiative and we thank Paradies Lagardère for launching this program at our airport,” said Myron Keehn, vice president, Air Services & Commercial Development for Edmonton International Airport.

The Leduc & District Food Bank, since 1981, has supported those in the community and region dealing with food insecurity. The organization relies on community donations, volunteer support, and partnerships with other agencies to provide short term assistance to approximately 85,000 people. The Leduc & District Food Bank does its work through strategic collaborations, educational programs, and redistribute food and goods. Its vision is to empower those in need to achieve their full potential through access to basic social needs.

In the U.S., Paradies Lagardère’s Treat Our Troops program provides travelers, as well as airline and airport employees, the opportunity to purchase goods – from socks and snacks to phone cards and sundries – which are then distributed to military personnel overseas through the USO and other military service organizations. The program also includes free meals for troops from Memorial Day to Independence Day, and “pay it forward” opportunities in which customers donate meals for active or retired military personnel. In 2018, travellers in airports throughout the U.S. donated 1 million items of need in 2018 to military service men and women around the globe.