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Press Release

March 18, 2020

Our commitment to You Regarding COVID-19 and Coronavirus

Paradies Lagardère is committed to providing first-class customer service. Part of that commitment is protecting the health and safety of our associates, as well as the travelers and business partners we serve. We’re working to stay updated on information from local authorities, WHO, IPAC, the CDC, and additional third-party companies that specialize in emergency alert management. This has enabled Paradies Lagardère to filter information from several sources and provide facts to our most important asset, our associates. Each week, we communicate to our associates with the most up to date information related to COVID-19.

Paradies Lagardère has also taken several proactive steps:

We have and continue to source hand sanitizer and gloves for associate use, provide viricidal cleaning supplies, and a routinely updated health bulletin focused on ways to keep healthy.

We are providing instruction to our teams on workspace cleaning, as well as introducing situational scenarios. Situational scenarios are distributed weekly and are used to train/educate all employees on how to handle every day potential interactions in order to keep everyone healthy.

We are prepared in the North American offices to continue operations remotely in support of our airport teams. We are also incorporating critical practices of social distancing with our teams. 

Paradies Lagardère will continue to work with our associates, partners, and travelers, and stay in alignment with local agencies, to ensure everyone’s health and safety.